Some of my favourites from:
Dr Robotnik
Dude with ears
Goth Rockster
Happy dude
Grizzly mcChestHair
King Frown
Bemused Town Crier
Town crier
Happier Town Crier
Slightly dazed Town Crier
The Ear Burgler
Empty headed big-mouth
Old Mr Silent
The Leopard Prince
Knitting Yuri
Big Cheif MassiveHead
Hamster Fred, the activist
Constipation Nigel
Mr greaves, the pervert
Samurai Sukar-san
Gloria Cat-Face Higgins
Anne the HeadVicestress
Alan Greenspan
Austerity Paul, the rememberer of wisdom
Scruffy Roger, the Indie Drummer
Ape Planet Ambassador
Farmer Hans
Toothless Granny Poultice
Duke Mew, the cat-faced ruler of St. Kitty in the Wald
Bartholemew the Bee Keeper
Galron, of the Klingon High Council
Eustace the serious